June 22, 2012

America Now - Janey's Got A Gun

The next piece in the Whitewashed series is done, hurray! :)

I say that only because I have so many ideas for this series that I am panting at the bit to get to the next one before the most recent one is done!

This particular one got put on the backburner so many times during the past two months that I kind of lost focus.

For instance, it languished in my studio in this format for quite some time. I knew it wasn't working, and knew it was about the target begin the wrong proportion, but didn't want to have it centred and/or bigger when the opaque fabric would cover so much of the map.

And guess what I made the target out of?  I auditioned several fabrics, most of them "tulle" or "mesh" types - but I ended up using window screen - as having the right weight and translucence.

And of course, I hand cut all the letters again...(which are a lot of letters is you're hand-cutting and hand sewing them down!) But, if I do "graffiti" in a piece again, I'm going to paint it I think rather than sewing or embroidering them.

(Love that quote by Patricia J. Williams - actually, her whole article was great.)

But as you can see from the original finished piece, that difference wasn't only about making the target bigger and yet more see-through, but also about adding balancing elements like the gun.

And hey, if you live in Indiana, the first piece in this series "America Now - Walking While Black" (the Trayvon Martin piece) debuts at the InSea/USSEA Regional Conference United States Society for Education Through Art in Indianapolis, IN., this weekend. 

If you're in the area, please check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone - I'm excited to work on my next piece - something nice and light. :) *phew*



Deborah O'Hare said...

Very poweful!

M-R said...

Wow. what an impact using the screening and placing the target in the middle has. Fabulous call. It really captures the 'heart' of the matter.

Carol said...

You're becoming quite an artist. Looking to see you on some great newspaper,book or magazine. Just don't forget to let us know.

Beth said...

Powerful. The screen was an epiphany. It looks great and you did an exceptional job solving your design problems. Wonderful work Kit.

Kit Lang said...

Carol, stay tuned! Exciting things are coming.:)

HollyM said...

What an amazing process! You are so creative with your materials. It's wonderful.

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